The Veltmeyer Institute

The Veltmeyer Institute for Advanced Biologics is a collaborative medical enterprise with a laser-like focus on curing some of the most debilitating diseases that afflict mankind — such as cancer, ALS, CTE, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and dementia.

What is The Veltmeyer Institute?

The Medical Miracle of Stem Cells

What exactly do we know about stem cells and how they function in the human body? Are they the secret healers that enable our bodies to repair in a perfectly normal and natural way, without resorting to expensive or dangerous drugs? Let’s take a closer look:

Researcher and microscope
Test Tubes

Stem cell functioning is something we’re born with and these guys work in a very miraculous way. If you hurt yourself, if you’ve had a physical trauma, break a bone, sprain a muscle or injure a tissue, stem cells exit the bone marrow, circulate throughout the body and will migrate right to the particular injured area and begin repairing that tissue because they become that tissue! It’s called differentiation and it’s a fabulous phenomenon that’s just part of our creation and — when operating properly—heals us quickly. So, when you’re NOT healing quickly or you have a nagging, chronic condition that just won’t let go, it tells me that your stem cells are not functioning normally. That happens when trauma, age, physiology, even pollutants and toxins ruin their functions.

The way the stem cell functions is by communicating with each other. They signal each other, it’s called cellular signaling. By re-activating the signaling process, we can re-charge those stem cells that are no longer functioning. Once the cells return to normal functioning, they can communicate again. That is how stem cells operate. Why stem cell activators are so important is that without them, your healing time and repairing will take forever.

The Veltmeyer Protocol

The Veltmeyer Protocol involves utilization of various interventions before injection of stem cells such that the disease-induced elements which make the body hostile to stem cells are minimized.

According to the Veltmeyer Protocol, blood levels of these toxic agents associated with reduction of stem cell viability and activity are measured before stem cell therapy. Patients are placed on disease and patient specific interventions. Only when the patient’s body is ready to receive the stem cells – because it has been properly detoxified – are the stem cells administered.  The problem is that when one administers stem cells but the body is full of toxicities, it becomes just like planting seeds on gravel…they just do not have a chance to function or to grow.

Meet Our Team

Dr. James Veltmeyer

James Veltmeyer, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Five-time winner of the coveted “Top Doctor” award in San Diego County and named a “California Hero” by the California Senate, Dr. James Veltmeyer is a graduate of UC San Diego, Past Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, Chief Medical Officer of multiple biotech companies and a nationally-recognized inventor, scientist, author and commentator.

Dr Thomas Ichim
Dr. Thomas Ichim

Dr. Thomas Ichim

Chief Science Officer

Canadian-born Dr. Thomas Ichim is a world-renowned scientist who has founded or served in a leadership capacity with five biomedical companies. His researchers and laboratories are on the cutting-edge of biologics, immunotherapy, stem cell therapy, nutritional and naturopathic supplements, and other medical approaches that are giving the critically ill a real chance at full recovery.

Our JadiCell Treatment

Our regenerative stem cells are safe and possess strong efficacy signals (FDA Phase I/II). The cells are currently in a Phase III clinical trial and provided for treatment under the “Right to Try” law for treatment or prevention of severe disease.