Case Studies

Let’s take a look at a few recent case studies involving the use of JadiCell, an investigational stem cell therapy developed by Therapeutic Solutions International which is currently under Phase III clinical development by Therapeutic Solutions International under the FDA.
Veltmeyer Institute Lung

A patient, a male in his sixties suffering from post-COVID 19 lung injury, was confined to a ventilator in the ICU and was being treated with two vasopressors to sustain normal blood pressure. He was subsequently transferred to Ltach facility where Dr. Veltmeyer infused 200M JadiCells.

Within a few days, his oxygen requirements were reduced and after ten days, post-treatment, he required no oxygen support at all.

The patient was able to remain at a skilled nursing facility for an additional ten days for aggressive motor functional therapy.

Veltmeyer Institute Epilepsy

A 65 year-old male with a history of undetermined epilepsy since the age of 28, leading to a life of crippling seizures and severe chronic tinnitus.

Condemned to living in virtual darkness for years due to any form of sound triggering violent seizures and reporting that he had not seen a movie, read a book or stepped out of his home for 35 years, this patient received four regimens of JadiCell stem cells.

In the first follow-up on Day 3 after treatment, he was feeling better and had not suffered a single seizure. By Day 7, he was watching his first movie and had begun to read his first book in decades. As of Day 20 after treatment, he was actually building a concrete flower container in his backyard.

Today, he leads an active life, traveling with his wife to the supermarket, to the bank, and running errands. Three months after JadiCell therapy and not a single seizure, his life has been transformed and his quality of life has radically improved.

The next step is a possible second regimen of stem cells prior to starting to wean him off his anti-seizure medications.

Veltmeyer Institute Epilepsy

Veltmeyer Institute PTSD

In another case, a Navy Seal with PTSD and complaints of aggressive and destructive behavior, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, severe irritability, headaches, abdominal pain and emotional detachment, received a three-day regimen of JadiCell.

Four weeks later, the patient reported having less “edginess,” was more focused and becoming more engaged and involved with his family, friends, and surroundings. He feels better emotionally, is experiencing fewer physical symptoms like headaches and has started exercising and running.

Veltmeyer Institute ALDIn yet another amazing success story, a 44-year old mother of four suffering from progressive ALS (also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”) began healing after four days of stem cell injections.

Within a few days, she was walking and breathing better, able to take a shower and dress herself and even walk to the beach, all everyday activities we take for granted but which she was struggling to do. ALS destroys the neurons that control the ability to move, speak, eat and breathe.