Our Mission

The Veltmeyer Institute for Advanced Biologics is a collaborative medical enterprise launched by two individuals with distinct personal and professional histories focused on healing and saving lives. With laser-like attention on curing some of the most debilitating diseases that afflict mankind — such as cancer, ALS, CTE, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and dementia — Dr. James Veltmeyer and Dr. Thomas Ichim have created a team dedicated to improving the lives of the suffering and bringing new hope to them and their families.

Dr James Veltmeyer

Dr. James Veltmeyer recognized his calling as a young child watching a doctor come to his family’s small, candle-lit apartment in Ecuador to heal his brother of tetanus. As a young immigrant to America, he realized his dream of becoming a physician and was singularly inspired to take on the cause of those struggling with chronic and often life-threatening disease through the seven-year battle of his wife Laura with metastatic breast cancer. He believes her survival against all odds is the result of a wholistic, nutritional and emotional strategy in addition to the more conventional therapies. This commitment to finding a cure for cancer led Dr. Veltmeyer to leave a promising career at one of the nation’s top hospitals to start VI. Voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County five times, Dr. Veltmeyer is an inventor on 27 patents and patent applications and a principal investigator on two investigational new drug applications, as well as a principal investigator of a Phase III clinical study assessing the efficacy of stem cells for the treatment of COVID 19-associated lung failure.

Dr Thomas Ichim

A child prodigy inspired to heal his mother of chronic myeloid leukemia ( CML ), Canadian-born Dr. Thomas Ichim is a world-renowned scientist who has founded or served in a leadership capacity with five biomedical companies — including Batu Biologics, ToleroTech Technology and Therapeutic Solutions International — and has pioneered new and innovative processes to conquer the deadliest diseases. His researchers and laboratories are on the cutting-edge of biologics, immunotherapy, stem cell therapy, nutritional and naturopathic supplements, and other medical approaches that are giving the critically ill a real chance at full recovery.

With our unsurpassed scientific research, we can not only diagnose disease in its earliest stages but project each patient’s likelihood of developing and surviving that disease as well as creating the appropriate treatment plan. And, with our ground-breaking therapies that seek to attack and disable the source of disease while strengthening the body’s immune response, death is never the inevitable outcome, but, rather, the outcome that it is to be avoided at all costs.

The Veltmeyer Institute for Advanced Biologics will lead the way in the coming years in conquering the most challenging threats to our health and well-being and help us to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.