Our Plan

  • Offer cutting-edge solutions to patients suffering from chronic degenerative conditions for which limited or no medical treatments exist.
  • Offer advanced Stem Cell Therapy with exclusive rights to the JadiCells.
  • Initiate interventions which increase cell numbers in the blood by utilizing stem cells that have FDA Clearance for use in end stage patients.  To our knowledge, we are the only regenerative medicine Institute capable of legally offering stem cells under the Right to Try Law.
  • Be the first to market JadiCells in the U.S. market with Phase III FDA approval.  VI’s next generation care is faster, less expensive and more effective and is doctor/patient centered…we care for the patient!
  • Establish a domestic JadiCell manufacturing facility.
  • License other Physicians and Clinics that can access JadiCells for patient treatments.
  • Recruit and maintain a network of medical practices through which to distribute the JadiCells.
  • Be the Number 1 company in the stem cell industry with the only product in the marketplace giving patients the comfort of being treated in the U.S, instead of going to Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico or other places in the world for treatments that may or not work.